1. Sponsor Artist Potter

    Potter Seunghyun Jo FY Ink 522 Queen Street W,Toronto, ON M5V 2B6 TEl: 4167925670 Email:

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  2. Sponsor Artist Tiago Nunes

    Tiago Nunes - LIL B- 113 Mimico Ave.,Toronto , Ontario M8V 1R6 CANADA Phone : 416 831-3958 E mail

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  3. Sponsor Artist Inksane Artist Wolly

    Inksane Artist Wolly Andrea Da Re Via S.Marco, 64 35020 San’t Angelo di Piove di Sacco (PD) Italy (Still waiting for Matt to confirm this Information)

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  4. About iPower Watch


    • Battery: Lithium
    • Input Power: 5V-1.5A
    • Output Power: 5V 1A | 6.5V 0.7A | 8V 0.6A | 9.5V 0.5A | 11V 0.4A
    • Output Rate: 5W
    • Output Connector: Micro USB
    • Charging Voltage: 4.8-5.2V
    • Charging Current: 1.0A-1.5A(MAX)
    • Charging Time: ~ 2 hours
    • Battery Life: ~ 500 Times

    The iPower Watch, manufactured to replace the traditional adapter and voltage stabilizer, provides an easier and more efficient way of tattooing. iPower Watch’s goal is to remove unnecessary external power source and eliminate the long wires at your work station, while providing exceptional power supply output to your tattoo machine or any other electronic devices. In addition, iPower Watch cuts down on the long preparation, hence allows you to fit more customers in your daily schedule. The iPower Watch is built for tattoo artist and permanent make-up artist; or if you simply need to charge your electronic devices, the iPower Watch is able to take care of that too!

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  5. Bohemisn Tattoo Supply

    Bohemisn Tattoo Supply

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  6. Golden Arrow Tattoo Supply

    Golden Arrow Tattoo Supply

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  7. Analog Tattoo

    Analog Tattoo

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  8. Nordic Tattoo Supplies

    Nordic Tattoo Supplies

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  9. Painful Pleasures

    Painful Pleasures

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  10. Tatushop Tattoo Supply

    Tatushop Tattoo Supply

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